By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Elder Care Attorney

In general, what are the eligibility requirements for New Jersey Medicare?

Taxpayers who are 65 and eligible for social security, or who are 65 and whose spouses are eligible for social security, are eligible for Medicare.  Part A of Medicare provides hospital insurance at no cost except for deductible and coinsurance amounts which must be paid by the patient.  Part A also provides limited coverage for care in a skilled nursing facility, a hospice, or post hospital home health services.  Part B of Medicare primarily covers physician’s services, and is voluntary. Premiums are required under Part B.  Certain individuals over 65 who are not covered by Part A may elect voluntary coverage by paying premiums if they are enrolled in Part B.  Certain disabled persons under 65 can also be eligible for Medicare benefits.

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